A Diversified Sustainable Investment Group

Rosehill Group has diversified investment interests in a range of sectors across industries such as Aviation Handling (Nahco Aviance plc); Cement Production and Logistics (AshakaCem & Cencem); Commodities Trading and Agribusiness (Rosehill Integrated Farms; Infrastructural Development and Real Estates (Asokoro Island); Hospitality Management and Parks Development (Deluxe Suites & Maitama Amusements); Heath Care and Wellness (RHG-MSA) amongst others.

The Rosehill Group enjoys offering its clients innovative and cost-effective solutions. We recognize that the global environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. As a result, our companies are constantly expanding their expertise and developing the necessary technologies and platforms for market optimization and innovation.

We maintain considerable skills to support strategic knowledge-based advice on capital Markets development, carbon trading advice, energy transition economics, and green infrastructure development consultancy.

Our Mission

To be a leading Indigenous group offering innovative services to the astonishment of our customers and stakeholders in an environment that fosters corporate social responsibility and good ethics.

Our Vision

Charitable Causes and Philanthropy
Management support
Business Leadership
History and strategy

Our Strength

Service Delivery
Strong Financial and Asset Base

Core Values

Swift execution and delivery of projects using our expertise and experiences.
We ensure that all processes, procedures and components of executing a service/project are organized and incorporated effectively

At Rosehill Group, we adhere strictly to moral, ethical principles and standards, honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of all our actions.We do not compromise our honesty and truthfulness in our service delivery.

We build strong relationships between all entities that we engage in our dealings and business transactions.We do not compromise with the relationships that exist between our clients and stakeholders.

We have built a strong financial position with solid asset base that delivers planned outcomes.