Mining & Solid Minerals

Mining services encompass a wide range of activities that support the mining industry. These services are integral to the efficient and safe extraction of minerals and other geological materials. Here are some of our key mining services:

1. Exploration Services: These include geological surveying and prospecting to locate mineral resources. It involves the use of advanced technologies such as remote sensing, geophysical measurements, and geochemical analysis.

2. Drilling Services: Drilling is used to extract samples for further analysis to determine the feasibility of mining. It can also be used for the actual mining process in certain methods of extraction.

3. Blasting Services: Blasting involves the use of explosives to break up rock for extraction. This service includes the design, implementation, and monitoring of blasting operations.

4. Mine Construction: This involves the construction of mines, including the digging of shafts, tunnels, and open pits, as well as the construction of infrastructure such as roads, processing facilities, and accommodation for workers.

5. Mine Operation and Maintenance: This includes the day-to-day operation of the mine, including extraction, processing, and transportation of minerals. It also involves the maintenance of equipment and facilities.

6. Environmental Services: These services aim to minimize the environmental impact of mining. They include waste management, water treatment, land rehabilitation, and environmental monitoring.

7. Consulting Services: Consulting services can cover a wide range of areas, including geological consulting, environmental consulting, mining engineering, and financial consulting.

8. Safety Services: Safety is a major concern in mining. Services in this area include safety training, risk assessment, emergency response planning, and safety equipment supply.

9. Equipment Supply and Maintenance: Mining requires a wide range of heavy machinery and equipment. Services in this area include the supply, rental, and maintenance of this equipment.

10. Transportation and Logistics: This involves the transportation of extracted materials to processing facilities or ports for export. It also includes the logistics of moving workers and equipment to and from the mine site.